What Do You Do When A Daughter Has A Bad Haircut?

Your daughter is getting a bad haircut and it can be disappointing and frustrating. But, there are some easy ways to help you feel better by fixing or hiding problem areas. You are choosing to get your hair fixed into a cut that you like better.

You are permitting your hair to grow out while doing a few things to hide what you don’t like about it. You can also take some preventative measures to avoid getting a haircut you are unhappy with in the future.

It is hard enough to deal with bad haircuts of teenage daughter, but it can be especially devastating to a kid, especially to a teen girl already struggling with self-esteem. There are some survival tips to get over daughter’s bad haircut:

bad haircutWear lots of hats

Your daughter has a bad haircut. Maybe a beanie or fedora will become her signature look for a while.

Try to tame it with accessories

Raid you’re twee’s hair bin for cute barrettes and headbands. You can make a trip to the mall to let her pick out some new hair accessories.

Use styling products

Make experiments with mists, gels, and balms. Watch YouTube videos and try out a variety of styling methods. With some digging and practice, you are likely to hit on something she an likes.

Draw attention elsewhere

Her hair doesn’t define her. Help her play up other features – like her amazing personality. Show it off with self-esteem necklace or funky shoes that will give classmates something to look at besides her hair.


Teach her to fake it ’til you make it until the hair grows back, in this case. Tell her to throw on a smile and let her wear a bit of your favorite lip gloss. Encourage her to pretend she loves that new haircut – maybe she will even start to like it.

Remind her it is the only hair

It will grow back. You might need to repeat this mantra many times a day for a couple of weeks, but it will grow.

A bad haircut is not the end of the world, but it sure can seem like it at the time.  Help your daughter find solutions to make her feel better about it now, while reminding her she is still beautiful and this too shall pass.