What Are The Most Common Family Conflicts?

The varieties and types of family conflicts are spanning a wide range of potential disputes we see in various settings of modern life.

Of course, there are numerous reasons a married couple may regularly argue, but reasons couples fight must be entirely different.

The most common family conflicts between family members and they are not married. It is meaning adult siblings, parents and children, and extended family conflict. There are the most common types of family problems we have seen family members argue over.


Money is the most popular conflict in a family. Family financial conflict is top of the list when it is coming to why families fight.

If members of a family feel they have been treated unfairly or not given their fair share, they can harbour resentment for years, maybe even a lifetime. Family fighting over money can be so devastating, and it must be dealt with and resolved as quickly as possible.

Family Business

Partnerships are hard, regardless of whether the partners are related or not. The business conflicts are spill over into extended family conflict.

In-Law Related Conflict

Stress is all too real and relentless. The personality clashes in families are rampant when taking on a new set of parents or a new adult as part of the family.

Couples must remember they are not only marrying their spouse; they are marrying his or her family as well.

Conflict over Family Events

Events are stressful without any interpersonal problems thrown into the mix.

Planning takes work, money, and time, and when things don’t go as planned, it can cause a lot of anxiety.

Perhaps the stress related to an event is one reason interpersonal issues often emerge, and certainly, interpersonal problems add to the stress.

Sibling Conflict over Care of Elderly Parent

Some people feel the best place for their parents will be in one of the children’s homes or in an assisted living facility, while others feel they should remain in the family house or in a retirement community.

Divorced Parents Conflict over Care & Discipline of Children

The proper care and discipline of shared children is a central point of contention for many divorcees. Each parent then feels much of their effort is being dissolved as soon as the child leaves to go to the other parent’s home.

This can be frustrating and sometimes enraging. Sometimes it is better for the ex-partners simply not to communicate, or at least to communicate as little as possible and only then about very logistical matters related to the child.