Cutting Hair to Make It Grow

Hair grow faster when you cut it is coming to growing out long and luscious locks, many of us will entertain many different ideas of how to do it.

But it is time to debunk the long and popular belief that cutting hair will make it grows faster. It would be for a regular trim and it is helped achieve mermaid-length strands.

Cut hair to make it grow from the root note from the ends. So a trim hair is not effecting on the hair other than making it look healthier and shorter.

hair grow

Trimming hair

When you are trying to grow your hair out it should be trimmed every 10-12 weeks depending on the health of your hair.

Trimming hair make it grow, the longer it will take for hair to reach your desired length. So the key there seems to be to really pay attention to the health of your hair.

As long as you don’t notice any split ends or breakage points, keep the trims to a minimum. if you want to cut it short or long it truly depends on your hair growth rate. There are recommend trimming regularly to avoid the following problems:

Split ends

You are getting a trimming once every six to eight weeks, you will minimize the damage done by progressive split ends. Split ends are left untreated and it could break off higher than where one might trim anyway.

Split ends are ending up making hair shorter than an actual trim. So if regular trims cannot make hair grow longer and faster, well-timed trims can help keep hair healthy and prevent it from breaking.


When you are taking too much time between haircuts, you run the risk of hair looking and feeling more frazzled and frizzy.

cutting hair

Damage hair damage more

Frequent trimming will get rid of all damaged strands which in effect will naturally give your mane a healthy look.


This is one of the best ways to avoid needing trims and it is to maintain strong and healthy hair. Keeps hair growing faster by maintaining a balanced diet that includes plenty of healthy fats and protein?

Also, keep hair stressors to a minimum. Anything that is going to put stress on the hair is going to weaken the strand, making it more likely to break before longer lengths are reached. Cutting hair is not actually making it grow faster, keeping hair healthy and trimming only when necessary can help hair reach its long and strong potential.