Why Is My Hair Not Growing?

You might be asking yourself why won’t my hair is not growing past a certain length? It is growing and it just might be at a snail’s pace.

Damage to the hair is stopping any showing length. If your goal is to have gorgeously long hairs then follow on to understand why your hair won’t grow past a certain length. There are some reasons of hair won’t grow past a certain length the following:

It is in your genes

Sometimes is the case that we are simply not as genetically-blessed as others when it comes to our hair. There are babies who are born with full heads of hair and go on to lead lives full of fabulous hair-swishing.

The hair growth cycle is working in three stages but can vary a little from person to person therefore some people will appear to have a fuller head of hair. It is depending on how long their hair grows before entering the shedding stage of the hair growth cycle.

Age is a factor

Your age is one of the reasons in why your hair won’t grow past a certain length. If you think about the years you have clocked up coloring, cutting and heat-styling your hair then it’s no wonder that older hair is more fragile.

All the processes your hair goes through as you age, as does our skin, then the hair will become weaker and even less flexible and it can even begin to thin.


If your hair is dry and damaged then while it is growing out from the root, it may be snapping off at the ends which will leave you with the same length of hair even while it’s growing.

So you need to care for the ends of your hair if you want to see results and you’re sick of asking yourself why my hair won’t grow past a certain length.

split ends

Yours have split ends

As your hair stop growing the ends may become dry and begin to split and as the split goes higher and higher up the hair shaft.  It will leave you stuck with mid-length hair that never seems to grow.


The time-tested saying beauty comes from within is true in more ways than one. Your diet is one of the massive effects on the health of your hair. The healthier your hair is the greater chance you have got of having long, beautiful tresses. You can think iron, protein and omega-rich food.