What Face Shape Is Better For Short Hair?

If you have been wearing a long or medium-length hairstyle all your life and feel as if the time has come for a change, don’t rush to the salon.

Sometimes rash hairstyle decisions can do more harm than good. It should not come as a surprise that you have to consider the face type before going for any new hairstyle.

Whatever looks great on one person might look completely different on you. There are some types of short hair for different face shapes the following:

Oval Face Type

When choosing the right hairstyle for your oval face, the main goal is to avoid elongating your face. If you are looking to go shorter, try a blunt bob with face-framing pieces that clears the shoulder.

You are choosing a shoulder-length cut with subtle layers to add volume and keep your hair from falling flat. If you are looking to keep your hair long, a simple part of the change can make all the difference.

face shape

Heart Shape Face

Pixies are looking good on oval, heart-shaped and square faces. They are appearing the most beautiful on girls with heart-shaped face types.

If your face features a heart shape, bangs will be really making your pixie stand out. Papanikolas is recommending framing your pretty eyes with a flattering swooping bang.  This face shape for short hair feels free to go pretty short in the back.

Long Faces

If you have a long face shape and you are allowing yourself to enjoy a shaggy lob. This short hairstyle is making your face look more oval.

The shaggy long bob is one of the hottest hairstyles and these are many celebrities chopping off their long locks.

This face shapes that look good with short hair is the choppy ends. It is imperfect, but not entirely behead. Instead, it is air-dried and finger-curled fabulousness. Most women are having some natural wave in their hair and this cut permits you to show it off with style.

Square Face

A bob with bangs is a wonderful job making your square face look slightly rounder. If you have straight hair, you have great grounds for experiments. Girls with curly locks will need more maintenance.

Round face

An angled bob is making your round face look slightly longer. If you are adding side-swept bangs, it is one of the perfect hairstyles