Does Short Hair Make You Look Thinner?

Most hairstyles are one type of individual, and frankly, the term short hair encompasses a pretty wide spectrum of looks.

So, it is hard to make blanket judgments about hairstyles without some caveats. The thing to keep in mind is that a good hairstyle is all about balance and proportion.

A hairstyle is out of balance or out of proportion with the individual wearing it can exacerbate the negatives of an individual’s look.

There are the rights haircuts for each type of face, there are also haircuts that haircuts to make you look thinner and even younger.

To decrease the volume

If you already have a very round face, having hair with a lot of volumes can give the impression of fuller still. Contrary to what many people think, to prick can reduce the volume of the wires. You can just choose a slightly shredded cut at the ends.

Show your neck

The more hair is covering the neck, fatter you will look. So it is permitting the neck show, to verticalize and balance the look.

The lighter color at the tips

A good tip is making your hair lighter.  Short hair makes you look thinner and it helps to make the face more elongated and jovial. You are choosing only one tone below your natural. This will give the desired effect.

Long fringe

There are many options and if you want to tune your face just choose the one that suits your style. Again, the hair shows us that they are a great ally for any effect that is intended on the body.


These are girls with cool skin undertone and high contrast, often dark hair and dark brown or brightly colored eyes. You want to dilute the black color; you can add some cool tone red hues.


If you have a warm skin tone and bright eyes, you’re likely to be the spring type. Warm-toned blondes will flatter you, and you can actually experiment with adding some cool-toned blonde highlights.

short hair


Short hair makes you look skinny and girls with a cool skin undertone and medium or low contrast belong to the summer color type. They should dye their hair using the balayage technique in soft blonde tones or cool chocolate brown hues.


This type is characterized by warm skin undertone and often warm green/brown eyes. Darker warm red and warm brown hair perfectly suit this type (copper, chestnut brown).